presbyterian church
Reaching out to ALL God's People

Get Involved

Church is not a spectator sport! Our life together is based upon the relationships we have with God, each other and our neighbors. Reunion Church offers opportunities to deepen your faith in Christ, learn more about the Bible and make a difference in the world. Reunion members care for one another, sharing life experiences. At Reunion, we encourage spiritual growth through worship, study,  questions and exploration. We don't all think alike, but we keep Christ at the center of all that we do. 

Bible Study on Sunday and Wednesday
Suspended due to COVID-19

We have a weekly Bible/Life group that meets before church at 9:30. Come for conversations about how the Bible intersects with our lives. 

The Bible Study group (pictured) meets every other Wednesday around 11:30. Bring a sandwich and discover more about the history and personalities of the Bible. 

New Member Classes
Membership classes are held once each year starting in February. Classes meet for about an hour over the course of six weeks. Membership is not required to participate in worship, education, fellowship and fun. However, we encourage membership as a way to grow in Christ. In PCUSA churches members have the right to hold offices and vote in congregational meetings.