presbyterian church
Reaching out to ALL God's People

Worship with us Sundays at 9:30AM*

If you are looking for a church where people love Jesus, know your name, and treat you like family, consider visiting Reunion Presbyterian Church during our regular worship services. Our service is traditional yet relatively informal. We sing from a hymnbook and say the Lord's Prayer, but we don't really dress up and like to laugh together. 

We are affiliated with the PC(USA) and emphasize God's love for the world through our worship, education and mission. God is reaching out to all people--and so are we!

* We worship at 11:00 in the fall/winter/spring!

When you visit Reunion Church, we hope you will encounter God in worship as you:  

  • hear the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior 
  • experience the glory of God through the sacraments of baptism and The Lord's supper
  • are nurtured and cared for as one of God's people

Backyard Bible Study
Wednesday evenings in July
Call the church to find out whose backyard we are in!

Many of us wonder about God's plans for the world. We wonder what the eternal kingdom will look like. Join us for a study of the "unveiling" that is described in the book of Revelation. Is it a book of doom or hope? What do all of those symbols mean? Is it talking about our times today or a different time?